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There are many circumstances where you don't want to have to come back to us to get some changes completed on your site...

You may want to constantly change prices, or promotions. Rather than repeatedly calling us to tweak here and fettle there - you can do it yourself.

"We can build in functionality that enables you to fully control your website, even if you have no computer knowledge..."

CMS [content management system] gives you control. We will build in an interface, that only you can access, that allows you to change images, alter prices, update details, move categories - whatever is relevant to you. If it is visible on the site, then you can control it - who needs web designers anyway.

It obviously costs more to design a site in this way, as there is more for work for us to start with - but this system can really pay off in the long run, as update fees won't exist. All it will take to get your site totally up to date, is a little of your time.

As well as being beneficial from your customers point of view, it is also a great bonus when it comes to search engines. If you fully embrace the concept of CMS, you will be constantly updating your website, making little changes that are improving the sites content - this is 'category a' search engine food! The best thing that you can do for your site is keep it up to date with quality text - google loves it, so the rewards will come full circle as you get more traffic via search engines!

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In tarporley, it's important to know that the company that designs your website knows what they are doing. It is of course possible that other tarporley companies that also design leaflets, logos, letterheads etc can build a website, but surely it's a good idea to get someone that knows web design in tarporley really well - that way you can be sure that you get the best value web site.

The internet continues to grow, year after year - putting more pressure on any tarporley company without a good quality website. The credit crunch has proven that even seemingly solid companies can sink, so securing more customers has to be a good thing.

We are based in tarporley, chesire and have seen more than our fair share of website designs. We have a proven track record of delivering more than what our clients were expecting, for less money. Now that is a deal that any company looking for a website should be interested in...

Our web design company

firstly, we work in tarporley...

This web design company is the same as any other... Right? We're not sorry to say - you are wrong.

Why are we different?
To be blunt, we are honest. We'll say what we think, and it gets results. We're located in Tarporley, Cheshire so we're not having to find huge overheads each month, meaning we can concentrate more on each website we design.

We believe a web site should be designed for the people who are to use it, not the company who is buying it. The simplicity of our web design approach is why we constantly get referrals from our clients.

Whether you are in Tarporley, Nantwich, Crewe or any area around Chester and the Wirral, we ensure we have the web design tools we need so we can:

Our main interest is to ensure your satisfaction, and our attitude builds long term partnerships. Everything we do is considered, and everything is guaranteed to be what you want.

Why wouldn't you want to work with people like that, eh?

We supply a full web design package, that includes all the necessary information / guidance you need to get your website up and running.

You can have as little or as much involvement as you wish, and each web design we produce comes with :

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web site basics

web design in tarporleydomain namesA domain name is essentially a signpost on the Internet. Almost every website you've ever been to, and every email you've ever composed, has used a domain name in its address.web design in tarporleyweb hostingYour webserver is basically a the computer on which all your website files are stored. This computer is connected to the internet, and serves information to whoever asks for it...web design in tarporleyemailIf you have a domain and a hosting server, you have the facilties to send and receive email. Most people know what email is, but few really understand the best way to use it...web design in tarporleyimagesFully critical, yet extremely easy to get wrong. Generally, images are the quickest and easiest way to convey what you are about to your customer - your very personality is instantly described by the images you use...

web site marketing

web design in tarporleyemail marketingYou know what email is, but do you know where it can take your business? Compare an email strategy to your current marketing technique, and see the benefits...web design in tarporleypay per clickAn advertising technique used on websites, especially search engines. Pay per click advertisements are usually text ads placed near search results; when a site visitor clicks on the advertisement, the advertiser is charged a small amount.

web site considerations

web design in tarporleydesignEvery aspect of your web presence can be taken care of by us. There are quite a few sections of the web design path to cover before you have yourself the site that you want - so we start at the start...web design in tarporleyaccessibility"Accessibility" is a great business ethic, as well as a legal (and moral) one. Why turn customers away because they have little idea how the internet works, or have poor vision, or the wrong colour hair?web design in tarporleyusabilityA usable site should be just that - why so many bits of information get added in, and language resembling latin gets used, we shall never understand. Say what you need to say, and leave it at that - even search engines mark you down for waffling on aboutweb design in tarporleysearch enginesThere are quite a few methods involved with the climb to the top of the tree - so you need to experiment. We have found that a using a variety of techniques works the best, after all it is the spice of life.

web site tools

web design in tarporleycmsIf you want to get in full control of your website, you need cms [content management system]. You can add, edit and delete pages from your website, without even phoning us!web design in tarporleystatisticsUsing some of the most detailed tools around, we can tell you what your customers are searching for, what they enter into search engines, which pages they look at on your site, which pages they leave your site etc..web design in tarporleyintegrationWith many companies now operating quite specialist software in their back office, it makes sense for their website to be able to integrate with all the information stored - rather than duplicating everything! Common examples of this web design integration

web site types

ecommerce websitesecommerce websitesIf you're in business, then you already know the answer why. Online shopping was up 50% last year, following the previous years 32% increase - and things are set to continue...small business websitessmall business websitesSmall businesses need to have a competent website nowadays. If your business doesn't have a website, kiss your customers good-bye...custom website designcustom website designYour website needs to do specific things, you want to be able to customise your website to suit your business methods - we constantly custom build websites from scratch...

The back up service from n-code has been better than we could have hoped for and we are totally satisfied with everything they have done for us...